The English Village

Residential Community of Richmond, VA


Spring Garage Sale

By Chris on Monday, March 23 2015
Credit: Thanks to for the beautiful English Village photo.

English Village will hold a Garage Sale in the community's circle during June, 2015. Details pending, keep an eye on this post for an update in the coming weeks!

Credit: Thanks to for the beautiful English Village photo.

Architecture Richmond: "The Masterpiece"

By Chris on Monday, July 1 2013

Architecture Richmond has a wonderful write-up related to our English Village design. The article reviews many of the innovative concepts; both physical in the design and material use of the structure - and the social setup of the cooperative, a novel concept at the time.

Richmond Has Changed

By Chris on Friday, June 21 2013
Richmond mid-19th Century

While I was searching through various documents on the web for information related to the English Village, I ran across this map of the area of Richmond west of the boulevard that surrounds English Village. Just looking at the print across the map shows how much the area has changed in such a short period of time. VCU isn't even labeled on the map and the...