The English Village

Residential Community of Richmond, VA

Tudor Trellis Repair and Design Fabrication

Thu, 07/21/2016 - 11:04 -- Chris
English Village of Richmond, VA Tudor Trellis Wood Work

This past April, a storm swept through Richmond with fierce enough winds to take out power to thousands of regional residents. The high winds took trees down in the area, leaving some roads inaccessible. Luckily, English Village saw little damage to our old trees or historic tudor architecture.

Unfortunately, the storm did have one material casuality: our west rear wing trellis and gate.

The gate door remained standing but with further offset positioning, making it difficult to open or close the door. The lattice work was completely blown own by the strong winds.

Tudor Lattice Damage, Historic

Our board decided to work with a local contractor, Keith Gills, to have the lattice work replaced and the gate repaired. While the repair was in process, the board also decided to reseat the door frame so that the door would swing more freely and add an old architectural element to the top structure of the fence. The architectural addition calls to other similar tudor design elements of English Village.

Historic English Village, Richmond, Virginia Fence Design

The mid-work photo above reveals just how much repair work needed to be done to the trellis and gate, along with the newly added design element at the top of the fence crossmember.

English Village is very pleased with the final product and craftsmanship of Keith Gills, a local contractor we recommend. One of the missions of the board is to protect the unique design features of the historic English Village, which is possible by working with local craftspeople able to reproduce work that started in English Village near 90 years ago.

English Village Trellis Gate Repair Tudor Fence Wood